Live Yoga Classes via Zoom with Carla Anselm!

Live Yoga Classes via Zoom with Carla Anselm!
Welcome! I’d like to offer space for you to take part in live Yoga Zoom classes by signing up with me through Patreon. There, I will be teaching all levels. Comfortable and restorative classes for beginners and intermediate students all the way up to more challenging classes, geared towards the advanced and long term practitioners of Yoga as well as classes designed specifically for teacher training and other teachers of yoga.
How Do I Join?
Join us on Zoom by signing up through my Patreon page here..
..and participate in live yoga classes for beginners, long term practitioners and teachers of yoga. Potential students select a tier on my Patreon Page (link above) and become my next Yoga Patron! I appreciate your support and together we grow. :)
About Classes.
Classes are live and live classes may be recorded. Live recorded classes are viewable for one week by way of streaming. Nearly every class recorded gets saved and downloaded onto our hard drives and those downloaded classes may be reopened for you to purchase and download or for additional further streaming (streaming lasts for a limited time).  Pre-recorded downloadable videos which are stored in my archives remain available to my students for purchase indefinitely. (Special restrictions may apply).
Where should I begin?
Sunday morning class is a wonderful place to start. Sunday morning is a peaceful practice class and beneficial for everyone. In that hour of practice we will focus heavily on our foundations of Yoga. Foundations are emphasized in order to help us organize, energize and relax both physically and mentally. 
We study yoga philosophy, meditation, physical postures (asana), breath awareness (pranayama), and relaxation in every class.  A theme or practice focus is offered at every class and may be modified to meet the needs of students at all levels of experience.  
Students interested in teaching yoga and/or developing more intense practices and skills may join Thursday evening Advanced class.  These classes are 90 minutes long and when joined “live” are downloadable and may accrue hours for Continuing Education (CE) credits through Yoga Alliance. With an emphasis or practice, the Advanced Class involves philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, advanced asana (poses), pranayama, Restorative yoga, inversions, modifications and meditations.
Yoga Overall Wellness.  
Yoga classes, in general, are designed for well-rounded and optimal life experience. Yoga techniques and skills which are developed consistently over a long period of time will notably enhance physical and mental strength, awareness, ease stress levels, reduce insomnia, free up abdominal issues and constipation and generate a sense of well being and general health.  Dedicated Yoga practice assists in aiding the very best daily functions of one’s health, one’s body and one’s mind as well as added benefits such as strengthening and grounding the practitioner for the daily challenges that lay ahead. 
I look forward to meeting you on Patreon and on Zoom and finding all your yoga related questions and growing our yoga community.
Bests Always,

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